1939 Citroen Traction

Condition Used
Body Sedan
Make Citroen
Model Traction
Mileage 54113 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1939
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Green
History Yes
VIN: 442815

Citroën Traction Avant 1939 11BL Perfo restored with original Pilot Wheels & bazooka carburetor – RARE! I am the 7th custodian of this car. This Citroën comes with a complete history binder that includes a letter from the firstowner, all services and parts records + review recommendation letters. This car has an original 1939 ignition key and a list of all owners since it was purchased in Paris in June 1939. First owner of this car was a Parisian doctor by the name Louis Thomas. He purchased the car in June 1939. During the war the car was hidden away from occupation forces and right after the war his daughter Marthe Thomas shipped it to New York, NY. She kept it in Ft. Lee, New Jersey just across Manhattan. In 1977 the car was purchased by a well-known Citroën enthusiast Michael Leibovici. This auto comes with an original review letter from Red Dillinger, the legend of USA Citroen community. He reviewed it in September 1990 and wrote a report on March 1st1991 stating: “This car serial #442815 being the most original pre-war Citroen I have inspected to this date”. Since then, this car has changed three owners. Names and addresses of all previous owners are inside the binder which will be included with the car.