1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Condition Used
Body Coupe
Make Oldsmobile
Model Cutlass
Mileage N/A
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1971
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Blue
History Yes
VIN: 342571R108798

The 1971 cars had the L32 455 Rocket V8.  It was rated at 320HP and 460 foot lbs. of torque.  Somewhat detuned from the 1970 engine due to a reduction in compression.  The performance of all engines was being reduced starting in 1971.  But I can tell you that these engines are very strong and have enormous torque.  This is a car that will sneak up on most others. The original TH400 transmission is not in the car.  Instead, a 1974 OG type is in its place.  This transmission was rebuilt and the receipt is with the car.  The engine and rear axle are original to the car.  The axle gear ratio is 2.56:1 and it’s open. The engine is fueled by a Rochester four barrel carburetor on the stock cast iron intake manifold.  The exhaust manifolds are correct and initiate the true dual exhaust system that ends with the stylish Trumpet tips.  A Petronix ignition module has been installed. This car has power steering and power brakes.  They are four wheel drums of the heavy duty variety.  The braking system has been overhauled with new components.  The factory air conditioning system is still filled with R12 Freon and it is full enough to close the switch.  Due to the cold weather, I cannot tell if it is producing cold air, but the system is working.  The glass is Soft Ray tinted to help keep the car cooler. The paint is code 26, Viking Blue.  It was repainted in the 90s and still looks great.  There were just a few tiny areas that needed to be touched up and the leftover paint was still usable.  The White vinyl top is the original.  The style is a Halo top, which allows a bit of the car’s painted surface to show around the edges.  This a favorite styling cue of mine.  This car has the bright moldings.  The bumpers are in fantastic condition.  The hood is flat, as the SX cars did not have the OAI hood when built. The interior trim is code 977, Ivory bucket seats.  The upholstery is original and in great shape, as is the matching headliner.  The black loop carpet is too nice to be original, it is the correct style.  The Deluxe seat belts are black.  This car has a center console with shifter.  One of the original rubber Oldsmobile mats was in the car when I bought it.  I have since installed a new set of reproduction black rubber Oldsmobile floor mats.  The steering wheel is the Sport version.  The pushbutton AM-FM radio plays to front and rear speakers. This is a beautiful car that has been well-cared for.  I doubt it has ever seen salt.  The underside of the car is testimony to that statement.  This car was part of a small Oldsmobile collection held by a man who knew the brand and cared for his cars.  It is a rare car, one of the few of 1820 Holiday Coupe Cutlass SX’s built for 1971.  It has only been gently driven 98,137 miles.