1971 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

Condition Used
Body Sedan
Make Mercedes-Benz
Model 300SEL
Mileage 34240 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1971
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Green
History Yes
VIN: 10901812004775

The 300SEL 6.3’s M100 single overhead-cam 6.3-liter (386 cu. in.) V-8 features an iron block, aluminum cylinder heads, and Bosch mechanical fuel injection. Its displacement and 434 pound-feet of torque are on par with contemporary American big-block V-8s. The four-speed automatic transmission uses a direct top gear, not an overdrive. An Autobahn-oriented 2.85:1 axle ratio helped the super-Benz achieve a nearly 140 mph top speed while being able to cruise effortlessly at over 100 mph. the powerplant in her 6.3 is the original engine with no known rebuild. She says it can occasionally take two attempts to start but then runs very smoothly afterward and does not smoke. There is a minor oil leak reported, however. The transmission is said to shift smoothly once warm, less so when accelerating while still cold. Introduced in 1965, Mercedes sedans with W108 and W109 factory designations epitomized the brand’s penchant for restrained, graceful lines and are considered by many to be among its most beautiful designs. The “L” in 300SEL meant the longer 112-inch wheelbase model for greater rear seat comfort. The Mercedes 6.3 also epitomized the company’s distinct and seemingly spare approach to luxury in the 1960s, with a clean and functional cabin crafted using long-lasting leather, genuine wood and other high-quality materials. All trim pieces in this 6.3 are said to be intact. he tan leather upholstery as in good condition, with no cracks or tears, and photos corroborate this. The steering wheel appears to have a non-stock wrapping, and footwell speakers for the modern stereo are trimmed to match the upholstery color. The air conditioning and heat are reported in working order, as are the power windows and vacuum-actuated central locking. The gauges are also said to work properly, as well!