1969 Porsche 912 Coupe

Condition Used
Body Coupe
Make Porsche
Model 912
Mileage 49820 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1969
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Orange
History Yes
VIN: 129020468

Offered for sale is this expertly restored, to an incredible driving condition, Porsche 912 in its original paint color of Tangerine/6809 with Black- Leatherette upholstery. In 1969, Porsche revised the body to a long wheel base. This change improved handling by moving the wheels back 2.5" with no change in vehicle length. They also added wider wheel flares. This Porsche 912, is one of the finest driving 912's available. Includes Porsche Certificate of Authenticity. VIN 129020468. Engine number: 4093570 (original per Porsche Certificate of Authenticity). 1750cc with 86mm pistons. Transmission Number: 200081 902/0 (4 Speed), not original to car. Wheels: Replica Fuchs. Tires: Pirelli P400 P195/65R15. Original seat belts. Engine Oil: Joe Gibbs Performance Break-In Oil. Oil Filters: Mahle OX-79D, Mobil M1-205. Transmission Oil: Swept 201 80W-90. Brake Fluid: ATE. Type 200 DOT4. Distributor: Bosch-022 (Cast Iron Body). Spark Plugs: Bosch WR6BC. Spark Plug Wires: Magnacor KV85. Carburetors: Solex 40 PII-4. Single Shaft. Body work performed and Interior work Re-spray in the original color- Tangerine 6809-Sherwin Williams (Basecoat/Clearcoat)
Windshield and rear glass seals replaced- original Porsche, door and fender cowl seals, all front fender mounting hardware, mirror and door handle seals, hood seal and headlight seals, tail lamp lens seals, all bumper to body rubber, all door window channel felt and both window rail seals, hood and deck lid rubber bumpers. Interior door panels and rear deck panel recovered, door cap rails recovered, new complete door pocket set, lower "B" pillars recovered, both overhead interior lights, front seats recovered including new foam, seat recliner mechanism screws, gas pedal, accelerator rod bushings in tunnel, new carpet (charcoal color plush), carpet trim strips and screws, door sill rubber pads, floor mat set, hood shocks, new trunk carpet, floor pans stripped to bare metal and painted with POR15, Dynamat throughout the body and doors, both door check stops, gauges opened and professionally cleaned, Porsche Hood Badge and gasket (original in glovebox), fuel tank removed, stripped, cleaned, resealed and repainted, fuel tank filler neck sleeve, fuel tank to body seal and tank connector hose, fuel cap and filler flap, both horn grilles, new engine grille, wiper washer pump, jets and check valve, wiper blades and wiper motor shaft mounting bushings, all hose ducting in heating and defog system replaced, halogen headlights, Momo steering wheel installed. No radio or speakers, antenna base installed in left fender. Engine Overhaul details and Transmission (All parts indicated replaced with new). Main bearing set standard, rod bearing set standard, rod bolt nuts, piston ring set 86mm, push rod tubes(Precision Matters collapsible type), exhaust valves, exhaust valve seats machined, valve stem seals, steel core valve cover gaskets, heavy duty SCAT gland nut with roller bearings, flywheel resurfaced, all engine sheet metal and heat exchangers powder coated, engine compartment insulation pads, engine to body seals, oil cooler ultrasonically cleaned and leak checked, flexible oil lines, both oil pressure relief springs, Precision Matters sump plate with drain plug, Original Carburetors rebuilt (very nice condition), carburetor to manifold spacers, fuel pump rebuilt, heat exchangers new springs and cotter pins, heat exchanger hoses, heater control valves were media blasted, repainted and new gaskets, distributor cap and rotor, spark plugs and spark plug wires, distributor advance springs and wear pad, Pertronix electronic ignition, Pertronix Flame Thrower coil, fuel, air, oil filters and alternator belt, alternator conversion from Zims with Bosch alternator and internal regulator, inner and outer pulley halves, high torque starter, engine ground strap, all transmission seals, transmission mounts, speedometer angle drive resealed, clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing, clutch release fork bushings, throttle bell crank bushings, all shifter bushings, shift rod boot and accelerator rod boot, axles cleaned and new boots, grease, clamps, gaskets, and bolts.  Suspension and Brakes: All suspension components removed, media blasted and repainted. Complete donor front suspension with stock stabilizer bar from a 1988 911 Carrera, front wheel bearings and seals, ball joints with new mountings rings, pins, and locking washers, Elephant Racing (ER) chamber plate rubber bushings, ER front torsion bar rubber bushings, front torsion bars, Bilstein HD front strut inserts, rear wheel bearings, swing arm bushings, ER rear torsion bar rubber bushings, ER adjustable spring plates with new hardware, rear torsion bars, Bilstein HD rear sport shock absorbers with new rubber bushings, turbo tie rods and bump steer kit, all brake calipers repainted and resealed, brake pad retainer kits, front rotors and brake pads, rear brake pads, stainless steel flexible brake lines, master cylinder and reservoir fluid lines, cap gasket, flushed and replaced brake fluid, new lug nuts, new spare tire- Michelin XZX 165SR15 on chrome steel rim, 4 wheel thrust alignment.