1966 Oldsmobile Toronado Coupe

Condition Used
Body Coupe
Make Oldsmobile
Model Toronado
Mileage 2500 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1966
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Gold
History N/A
VIN: 96876M514167

This 1966 Toronado was meticulously restored from the frame up.  Every nut and bolt was removed cleaned painted or replaced.  The original engine has been blueprinted and balanced.  
While keeping a totally stock appearance the engine was fitted with Holley MSD fuel injection and fully electronic ignition with timing control and a Mondello low profile intake hidden all underneath a custom air cleaner fully accurate to the original.  The transmission was completely rebuilt as were all suspension and other drive train components.  No part was left unrestored on this car.  The exhaust system is stainless steel and produces a sound exactly as the original car did.
Also front, disc brakes, LED lighting, cruise control, and a restored AC system.   A remote control system is also installed allowing remote starting, lighting, and door and trunk controls from a key fob.  Tires are custom Diamondback radials with an exact reproduction of the original special  Tornado TFD pinstripes on the tires.  
Highly rare correct shoulder belts for the front passengers are also installed.  The car is painted the original Trumpet Gold and the interior is a matching trumpet gold.  
The brake system is modernized with front discs and a dual master cylinder.  A dual battery system means you will never get stranded no matter how much you play with the awesome hidden headlights.  Bluetooth audio system, period-correct 8 track, and micro TV set too!  
No expense was spared in restoring this car and accuracy was preserved throughout with modernizations hidden completely. This makes the car fun to drive!
On the road, testers noted that the Toro handled extremely well for a car of its size and that the big 425-cid V-8 combined with a relatively slippery shape gave it an extraordinarily high top speed of 135 mph. Only the brakes let down the overall package and this was remedied for 1967 with optional disc brakes. The first two years are considered to be the most attractive with the original concept getting watered down progressively post-1967.