1966 Chevrolet Nova

Condition Used
Body Coupe
Make Chevrolet
Model Nova
Mileage 15600 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1966
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color White
History Yes
VIN: 2165421311

Excellent running and driving. 2-tone paint with silver sides and white upper divided by a single red pinstripe. Sony stereo. Approx. 15,600 miles on the build. Information from the owner:
2002 Pontiac Trans Am LS1, 5.7L with 4L60 (rebuilt with shift kit) -manual in glove box.
Ford 3.25 posi 9? rear end with GM bolt pattern and Currie axles.
TCI Mustang II front end with cross drill and slotted rotors.
Painless wiring harness.
Vintage air a/c.
Dual speed cooling fans plus small fan that comes on when a/c is selected.
Yellow check engine light.
Red light/switch allows hot water to heater core.
Speedometer calibration button on dash between speedometer and tach.
Toggle switch near emergency brake controls cooling fans: forward is low speed, center positionis off, rear position is high speed.
Fuel pump switch under left side of driver’s seat (forward to run, rearward to shut off fuel pump).
The lower kick panels have radio speakers and fresh air vents.
Cruise control switches:
a. Off-On-resume (1 mph with tap)
b. Set,coast
Lug nuts for spare tire in trunk. Wooden block needed to get rear wheels/tires off.
Seats are from Toyota Scion TC. Backs of rear seats fold.
When you check radiator water, it will be down approximately 1-2 inches from cap.
Engine oil is Mobil 1,5w-30wt.
Stewart Warner speedometer at 0 miles when I built the car.