1966 AC Cobra 427 Replica

Condition Used
Body Convertible
Make Ford
Model Ac Shelby Cobra
Mileage 795 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1966
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Orange
History Yes
VIN: MI095A230L090105

There are probably more 427 Cobra replicas than the real ones, but the good news is that replicas can be used and enjoyed while the seven-figure ones sit in climate-controlled vaults. The power-to-weight ratio that made the original Cobras so exciting still holds for the replicas like this 460-cu.in. big-block Ford-powered 1966 AC Cobra 427 replica from West Coast Customs. Stuff a big displacement V-8 in a lightweight, short wheelbase two-seat roadster and you’ve got excitement on wheels. The Ford 460-cu.in. V-8 in this Cobra replica is described by the seller as a “high-end, well-built, solid-lifter” Ford big-block with a forged and balanced rotating assembly. He adds that the break-in oil has been changed, that the carburetor was recently rebuilt, and that cold starts require “six throttle pumps and you’re idling.” He says there isn’t any smoke on startup and no unusual noises, and that the throttle response is quick. The Tremec five-speed manual transmission’s shifting characteristics are described as “miraculous,” with a tight hydraulic clutch and a smooth range of operation. Original Cobras never came in the wild shade of orange seen on this replica, but Tangerine metallic tricoat is what the original owner chose. The paint job was professionally executed in a spray booth, according to the seller. There is a touchup on the top of the left door as seen in the photos and some typical stone chips on the wide fenders. The car doesn’t have a top. There is zero rust since the body is fiberglass. The windshield condition is rated as “very nice” and there are no issues with any seals. All the lighting is reported to be in working condition. The tan interior is rated as “very nice,” by the seller, who adds that people up to 6-feet 2-inches in height “fit fine.” The Ford tilt wheel column makes entering and exiting this car easier than most Cobras. The VDO gauges and stereo work fine, per the seller, with the provided video showing the gauges functioning properly. He notes that the stereo is “hard to hear at 120 mph.” The dashboard components and steering column are from a late-model Ford. The wood-rimmed steering wheel is a Grant GT item. The trunk has the same carpeting as the interior. The car has so few miles since completion that no suspension servicing has been required, but the seller did do a cosmetic cleanup and detailing. The steering is a power-assisted rack-and-pinion setup that the seller says “steers well with no pulling, has a good road feel, and a very short turning radius.” The brakes are rated as “very nice with quick, no-mush stops.”