1965 Jeep CJ5

Condition Used
Body SUV
Make Jeep
Model CJ 5
Mileage 600 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1965
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Red
History Yes
VIN: 8305188926

1965 Kaiser Jeep corporation CJ5C restored back to factory original specifications.  All mechanical components, engine disassembled by engine rebuilding machine shop & completely rebuilt with all new internal engine components after engine block machining completed. All of the accessories in the engine bay have been refurbished to original standard operating condition.  This includes replacing radiator, Engine, Distributor,water pump, engine starter, Engine mechanical fuel pump,engine generator, electrical wiring harnesses, 12 VDC voltage regulator along with all hoses & rubber products. All electrical sending units & dash gauge cluster replaced. Engine fly wheel with engine clutch pressure plate throwout bearing & clutch disengage paws replaced. All seals replaced throughout the transmission & transfer case. Universal joints replaced throughout the Drive train.  Front axle inspected for proper backlash then resealed.  Rear axle inspected for proper backlash then resealed.  Front axle outer universal joints replaced then resealed from the axle stub outward. Rear axle wheel bearings & seals replaced. Wheel rims blasted then powder coated. Brake wheel cylinders & Brake shoes replaced.  Flexible brake lines replaced along with brake master cylinder. Leaf springs, eyebolts & U bolts replaced. Steering box completely overhauled with NOS parts.  Steering system bushings along with tie rod ends replaced.  The tub removed from the chassis bead blessed then repainted with automotive epoxy paint.  Inside of the tub coated with Rino liner.  Front seats along with the rear seat have been refurbished & reupholstered.  Original turn signal was replaced with signal stat.