1962 Ford Cortina Lotus Cortina Tribute

Condition Used
Body Coupe
Make Ford
Model Cortina
Mileage 104000 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1962
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color White
History Yes
VIN: z77c749493u

Originally purchased in Austria by the farther of the previous owner, this 1962 Ford Cortina GT was reported to have been completely disassembled, taken to bare metal and reimagined into a Lotus Cortina tribute car, albeit with Ford rather than a Lotus powerplant and a 5-speed manual transmission. From a performance standpoint a well sorted genuine Lotus Cortina would have a very hard time keeping up with this little screamer. The purists may balk over the presence of the Lotus paint scheme and badges, at least until they get behind the wheel and drive. Equipped with a performance built Ford Kent 1.6 liter Crossflow 4-cylinder engine and a T9 5-speed gearbox, then lightened with fiberglass front and rear decklids, front fenders and plastic side and rear glass combine to endow this car with a power to weight ratio that likely bests the genuine article. Full instrumentation, sport seats, a kill switch and a an 8,000 RPM reverse sweep tachometer hint at what the driver can expect. This car fires right up and idles with a slight lope. Gears engage smoothly with a firm clutch. With a built motor, dual Weber 40 DCOE side draft carbs, racy headers, electronic ignition, quick ratio steering, firm suspension bits and front disc brakes this car on paper should be a hoot to drive. Well, wad up that piece of paper and throw it out the window because this little car will flat get it. It is fast and fun; in a word, thrilling.