1957 Ford Thunderbird

Condition Used
Body Coupe
Make Ford
Model Thunderbird
Mileage 96014 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1957
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color White
History Yes
VIN: D7FH134551

The first-series Ford Thunderbirds were only produced for three years, 1955-1957, and the 1957s, with their one-year-only fins, still draw great amounts of positive attention just like they did when new. This Colonial White 1957 Ford Thunderbird appears striking with the bright red interior, removable “porthole” hardtop, continental spare tire carrier, and Kelsey Hayes wire wheels. This car has been in the same family since 1974! This 1957 T-Bird is powered by a rebuilt 312-cu.in. “Y-block” V-8 with a single four-barrel carburetor and dual exhausts. The seller says there is a rebuilder’s tag that can be seen when doing oil changes, but he doesn’t know when the engine was rebuilt or if it is the original engine. The car has an electric fuel pump to assist cold starts, and the seller notes that the engine “usually catches on the second time, idles on high for a little, and then kicks down for a smooth, smoke-free idle.” He believes there is an oil leak coming from the valley pan gasket and a weep from the power steering, but no leaks or weeps from either the Ford-O-Matic three-speed automatic transmission or differential. He adds that the transmission works well “without any strange noises.” The seller believes this Thunderbird originally came from California, and he reports it spent approximately 30 years in Washington and was always garaged, when not in use. He completely redid the car in 2011, stripping it to bare metal. He says there was no sign of rust other than “a quarter-size hole in the outer wheelhouse and a small steel patch in the driver’s-side floor,” and there were no signs of collision damage. The Colonial White, its original color, was professionally applied in basecoat/clearcoat and the seller rates the paint quality as “excellent” with no swirls and only “a few rock chips on the very bottom of the rear quarters.” New seals were installed during the refurbishment, so there aren’t any leaks, although the seller does mention that the front of the door weatherstrip by the windshield wasn’t positioned correctly. The glass is thought to be original and is said to be in “excellent” shape, without any scratches. A very small chip in the rear window has been noted by the seller. The headlight rims use 1955 Ford Fairlane trim, but stock ones (painted at the same time as the body) come with the car. The Continental kit spare-tire carrier was added by the seller’s father and is not original equipment. The twin antennas were also added by the seller’s father. The red vinyl interior was also professionally restored during the car’s 2011 refurbishment. The upholstery is in “excellent” condition, with no cracks or tears, according to the seller, who adds that the carpet and headliner are equally as “excellent.” The seller states that the power seat moves up and down, but currently not forward and back. The power windows, gauges, heater, dash lights, and wipers all work, except the clock. The radio has been converted to AM/FM and is said to work. The suspension has been routinely maintained and serviced by the seller, he notes, and the driveshaft and rear brake drums were balanced, and new U-joints were installed to remedy a slight vibration problem. The seller says the steering wheel points straight when going down the road and there is some “minor play,” but not enough to bother him. The brakes require “some pedal effort, but aren’t mushy,” per the seller. The reproduction Kelsey Hayes wire wheels were installed a few years after the refurbishment and the Coker wide whitewall tires were added in December 2021. The original steel wheels and wheel covers will come with the car.