1956 Ford F-100

Condition Used
Body Truck
Make Ford
Model F100
Mileage 17717 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1956
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Gray
History Yes
VIN: F10D6L10503

The F-100 is powered by Ford’s top-of-the-line 272-cu.in. V-8. At the very least, it’s a period-correct Ford 272. For a short period of time, Ford’s Y-block truck V-8s were painted this yellow. The original one-barrel carb appears to have been replaced with a Holley four-barrel. The truck breathes through cast-iron manifolds. the engine “fires up quickly on the choke and idles smoothly, immediately after startup.” The engine is paired with a three-speed manual transmission, shifted on the column, shifts well, with no apparent issues. All of the chrome details and emblems appear to be in excellent condition, including the dual aluminum step plates on each running board. the glass is in good condition, and that the rubber seals and felts are in good shape and watertight. all of the exterior lighting is in working order. The truck has a full-width bench seat, upholstered in gray vinyl. The seat appears to be in excellent condition, with no visible damage to any of the seating positions. The painted portions of the interior appear to be in similar condition as the outside, with no significant issues on the inner door panels, dash, or exposed floor. The front portion of the floor is protected by what appears to be a new rubber mat. The dash appears to be in excellent condition in the photos. The instrument panel consists of a speedometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, and warning lights for oil pressure and the charging system.