1954 Chevrolet Corvette

Condition Used
Body Convertible
Make Chevrolet
Model Corvette
Mileage 2426 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1954
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Red
History Yes
VIN: E54S004192

In the early 1950s, designer Harley Earl convinced executives at General Motors that they needed to produce a mid-priced sports car to compete with Eurpoean comeptitors such as MG, Jaguar and Alfa Romeo. GM got to work and in 1953 unveiled the first Corvette prototype, known as the EX-122, at General Motors Motorama in New York City. The car received a tremendous response and went into production mid-year. In 1954, the second model year of the Corvette, the car was available in four colors, almost all built with red interiors. With a six-cylinder motor and a Powerglide automatic transmission, all 1954 Corvettes were believed to be equipped the same as it is believed that all options were made mandatory across all Corvettes built during the 1954 model year. This 1954 Corvette is a stunning representation of a well restored and maintained piece of history. The Sportsman Red exterior carries through the the red interior, both in tremendous condition. The Blue Flame 6-cylinder motor fires right up and the automatic transmission makes is easy and enjoyable to drive. From the gleaming brightwork on the car’s exterior to the pristine engine compartment and impressive interior, this Corvette does not disappoint. If you are seeking a true piece of American sports car history, look no further.