1949 Hillegass Sprint “Wide Body” Car

Condition Used
Body Convertible
Make Ford
Model Roadster
Mileage 200 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1949
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Yellow
History Yes
VIN: 7621931

Originally powered by an Ardun-equipped Ford V-8, this Hillegass was upgraded by Tom Concannon with the fitment of a Studebaker 259-cu.in. OHV V-8, along with a battery and starter to eliminate the need for push-starting. The engine has been bored .040 over to arrive at a displacement of 265-cu.in. The seller says the engine is equipped with a Rochester Quadrajet four-barrel carburetor, electronic ignition module, and oil filter. The engine turns a Ford three-speed manual transmission and what appears to be a Ford rear end. The engine bay presents as being generally clean, in the photos. Hillegass was a master fabricator who frequently used homemade bucks to shape the sheetmetal on his race cars. The black and yellow paint appears to be in very good condition overall, with no obvious blemishes, dents, or hints of corrosion. The hand-formed chrome grille, protected by a nerf bar, looks to be in excellent, undamaged condition, per the photos. The Sprint car is fitted with a period-correct roll bar for vintage competition. The underside, which includes a hand-formed belly pan, presents as being strongly clean. The Hillegass is fitted with a snap-attached leather seat and headrest, whose facings look to be in overall good condition, with moderate wear creases but no visible tears. The car is equipped with a quick-release four-spoke padded steering wheel and a floor-mounted shift lever. The fabricated steel dashboard mounts engine gauges, including a tachometer, plus a battery shutoff. Race-spec lap belts have been installed. The Hillegass uses traditional transverse-mounted leaf springs front and rear, with friction shock absorbers, and radius rods locating both axles. The seller reports no issues with the hydraulic drum brakes, said to be sourced from a 1940 Ford. The Dayton wire wheels appear to be in very good, undamaged condition, and are mounted with tires that appear to have plenty of tread remaining.