1936 Ford Model 68 Roadster with Upgraded Powertrain

Condition Used
Body Convertible
Make Ford
Model Roadster
Mileage 44000 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1936
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Yellow
History Yes
VIN: 183056545

“Miss Buttercup,” is a 1936 Ford Model 68 deluxe roadster, one of 3,862 produced that year, and is a restomod that isn’t easy to immediately spot. The car has been gradually transformed into a highway cruiser, with work said to have been done over several years by an IndyCar mechanic, who added a Tremec manual overdrive transmission and 12-volt electricals while extensively refurbishing the Ford cosmetically. The Ford is said to boast its original flathead V-8, and to have recently captured numerous trophies, including a Best of Show at one recent exhibition. The 1936 models were powered by Ford’s 221-cu.in. L-head V-8. With a compression ratio of 6.3:1 and a two-barrel Ford carburetor, the engine was rated by the manufacturer at 85 horsepower when new. The engine in this Ford is said to be original to the car, with an unknown rebuild history. The engine has been converted to 12-volt electricals and that all hardware and gaskets in the engine bay have been renewed. “starts without issue,” and the replacement Tremec T5 five-speed manual transmission with overdrive “shifts well,” with only “minor” powertrain leakage noted. The engine bay presents as being strongly clean. The repaint on this Ford dates to 2012, with unspecified rusted components, apparently including the running boards, replaced in 2019. “Minor” scratches and “one” prominent chip. The body seals are reported to be in good condition and are effective at preventing water leaks. The convertible top is reported to be in “very good,” working condition, and includes side curtains. The glass is said to be in “very good” condition, with all lighting reported to be functional. The underside presents as being strongly clean. The cloth and vinyl seating surfaces, including the rumble seat, are in visibly excellent, undamaged condition. The car is properly fitted with an undamaged rubber floormat and that the interior is missing no trim pieces. The steel dashboard is painted in a woodgrain theme and presents very strongly, in the photos. A clock is embedded in the rearview mirror. The speedometer is now powered by a GPS receiver, and all instruments are functional, except for the odometer. The radio is said to retain its vacuum tubes, but needs a resistor for 12-volt operation. The Ford’s most recent chassis service is said to date to 2019, and the components are said to be in “functional, damage-free” condition. The mechanical drum brakes are reported to be in proper working order. New wheels and tires are reported to have been installed in 2019.