1934 Ford Model 40 Convertible

Condition Used
Body Convertible
Make Ford
Model Roadster
Mileage 4800 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1934
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Blue
History Yes
VIN: 18623992

This 1934 Ford Model 40 Cabriolet, one of 14,496 such convertibles built that year, is described as an older restoration that still presents extremely well and was a 1986 winner of a post-restoration AACA National First Place award. The car is said to have been the recipient of mechanical attention recently that centered on the ignition system and chassis. New radial tires are reported to have been fitted in 2019. This cabriolet is powered by Ford’s 221-cu.in. L-head V-8. With a compression ratio of 6.3:1 and a two-barrel Stromberg carburetor, the engine was rated by the manufacturer at 85 horsepower when new and the seller says it “starts immediately,” without smoke. The seller reports that the three-speed manual transmission will “grind if it’s shifted too quickly,” and notes a minor oil leak between the engine and transmission. The wiring harness, generator, and distributor are said to have been replaced, and the starter rebuilt. The engine bay presents as being stock and generally clean, per the provided photos. The paint on this Ford dates to its restoration in the mid-1980s and is reported to remain in “very good” condition, with minor blemishes, including a paint chip and bubbling atop one front fender. The seller is unaware of any interior leaks, reporting that the cabriolet top is in proper working order. The seller says no rust repairs have been made, and none appear to have taken place in the past, per the images. The grille and other chrome appear to be in very good, undamaged condition. All glass is reported to be in good condition, and all lighting is said to work. The underside appears to be strongly clean, with minimal surface corrosion visible in the photos. The leather seating surfaces look to be in very good condition, with no visible tears or staining and minor wear creasing. The carpeting is said to date to 2017 and presents as being in very good condition. The painted dashboard is finished in a woodgrain effect and presents strongly in the photos, with instrumentation that is said to be functional. The dashboard trim is described as complete. The Ford is fitted with a factory AM radio that is presently inoperable. The upholstery in the rumble seat area presents as being virtually new, per the photos. The seller reports that rebuilt shock absorbers and new spring shackles were installed in 2018, with the chassis having been lubricated more recently. Both front kingpins are said to have been replaced. The seller reports no issues with the mechanical drum brakes. The wheels are said to be in “excellent” condition, and the car is reported to be comfortable at highway speeds. The tires are reported to have traveled 500 miles.