1929 Ford E100

Condition Used
Body Coupe
Make Ford
Model E100
Mileage 600 mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Year 1929
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Green
History Yes
VIN: A712446

adding to the beauty of this 1929 are the customized wheels with new tires. There are some really ugly wheels out there. These wheels are proven winners and more often than not you will see these type wheels in the winner's circle at car shows. Don't get stuck with ugly wheels. As an owner, not a dealer, I know I am super glad I bought this 1929 when I had the opportunity. Sometimes in life you just have to "go for it", or spend the rest of your life wishing you had done as so many other enthusiast before you did. There is no feeling better than "I did it", and I am so glad I did. It is often a "now or never" event for most of us. Right now, this minute, you have what so many other vintage customized car owners have done; they have added one of these "fun" beauties to their garage. You have the opportunity, right-now, just as I did, to beat someone else "to the punch", to land the "deciding blow", to deliver the "knock out punch". Don't be sorry that you only thought about buying this virtually brand new customized 1929. It drives like it just came off the 1929 assembly line, and of course, much, much more like an up-to-date vehicle. Going through traffic at 70 plus miles per hour is a breeze with this perfect power train; not too much and not too little. And for a price that is a "grab it" before someone else. Buy it now before someone else sees the ad and jumps on the opportunity to have the buy of a lifetime. Just take a look at that padded new upholstery. Seldom will you see nicely padded and designed upholstery. Take a look at that headlinner; beautifully designed and super padded. You don't find that kind of high quality work in most of these customized pre-war cars. If you don't believe me, look up customized classic cars for sale; pre-war. And note, there is plenty of head room. I am 5 foot 10 inches and there are plenty of inches before touching the headlinner. Come get it. It is waiting for you.