1989 Ferrari 328 GTS

Ferraris are among the most coveted automobiles ever manufactured. They are the material embodiment of beauty, passion, speed and excellence. Just looking at one is enough to quicken your pulse. Driving one gives you first hand knowledge of what it is like to become part of a machine. Owning one is an altogether different experience that gives you complete access to that essence that is, Ferrari. There is a perception that people who own these cars do so to exhibit wealth and prestige. It is true, that it takes significant financial resources to acquire a Ferrari, but the idea that it is merely a status symbol is usually held by those who can only dream of owning one.


Vehicle Classic Cars
Price $45,000.00
Kilometers 26,000 mi
Color Black
Registration Yes
Transmission Standard


Year 1989
Make Ferrari
Model 328 GTS
Vehicle Classic Cars
Transmission Type Standard
Fuel Type Gasoline