1987 Porsche 911

This gorgeous 1987 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet was originally purchased at the world famous Vasek Porsche dealership here in Hermosa Beach, California and has remained here its entire life. It was manufactured 09/86 and based upon the maintenance records the original owner took delivery of the car in Germany in October, 1986. You can see the “86” Autobahn sticker is still on the windshield. The car appears to have been driven 842 miles in Germany and then serviced at Porsche AG before it was shipped to Vasek Polak Porsche. The car has had three local owners based upon Carfax and the current owner’s information. The first owner purchased the car in October of 1986 and appeared to own the car until January, 2000 when the second owner purchased the car. The third and current owner purchased the car June of 2003 and after 18 years of ownership has finally decided to let someone else become the new caretaker.


Vehicle Classic Cars
Price $39,000.00
Kilometers 55,815 mi
Color Red
Registration Yes
Transmission Standard


Year 1987
Make Porsche
Model 911
Vehicle Classic Cars
Transmission Type Standard
Fuel Type Gasoline