1962 Chevrolet Corvette

This example of a 1962 C1 solid axle Chevrolet Corvette is in good condition that has been given an extensive restoration at some time in the past and no needing “freshening up” to be in show condition. Unfortunately, the vehicle does not have the original 327 CID V-8 but the engine installed is the era-correct style with all the engine attachments era-corrected for a small block Chevy engine. Body and paint are in very good condition with no waviness, damage or severe stress cracking commonly seen with these vehicles. I would rate this vehicle after a good cleaning and detailing to be in number two minus condition (out of six). NOTE: The Engine was professionally rebuilt and has only a few miles on it. There is a scratch on the rear driver quarter panel and other blemishes. This is not a brand new restoration. Please keep an open mind or come see the car in person. The white looking markings near the door handles and other areas is non removed wax.


Vehicle Classic Cars
Price $22,000.00
Kilometers 39,440 mi
Color Red
Registration Yes
Transmission Standard
Drive Type RWD
Engine 8 cylinder L


Year 1962
Make Chevrolet
Model Corvette
Vehicle Classic Cars
Transmission Type Standard
Fuel Type Gasoline