1955 Cadillac Fleetwood

Hello up for sale is my 55 caddy it is a series 60 Fleetwood with many options like.

Factory Air condition, yes the A/C works and blows cold air. the A/C was serviced two years ago and has 134a freon. Did you notice the A/C ducts come from the trunk through clear tubes at back speaker tray up above the headliner to a chrome duct above each door? It also has two fan motors, one fan for each side of the car. A/C was very rare in 1955 maybe 1 out of 10 Cadillacs had A/C. It is a huge deal that this car has working A/C, this option alone is worth serval Thousand. I have extra spare A/C parts that I may include in the sale of this car. If you get cheap on your offer I will not include my extra parts.

Power windows work on all four doors as it should.
Power front seat works as it should

Wonder bar A/M radio with self seeking radio station works as it should. Did you know the wonder bar radio seeks radio stations? You push the wonder bar button and the needle takes off looking for the next radio station, if it gets to the end of the dial the needle pops over to the beginning of the dial, and keeps looking for a radio station. Yes this all works as it should on this car.1955


Vehicle Classic Cars
Price $19,000.00
Kilometers 79,359 mi
Color Black
Registration Yes
Transmission Automatic


Year 1955
Make Cadillac
Model Fleetwood
Vehicle Classic Cars
Transmission Type Automatic
Fuel Type Gasoline