The original V8 has been fully rebuilt ! It runs very well and makes good power. The transmission also shifts and operates well at all speeds. Power windows work with the exception of the driver’s side rear which requires some help. Working gauges with after-market temp and oil pressure gauges. This car was factory air conditioning, but has been converted to a more modern system with the compressor mounted on the lower pulley (so it’s not in view in the photos). Roof vents are decorative only and the vents under the dash are working. Overall, the car runs and drives excellent and is easy to drive. The car looks great inside and out! The exterior paint is very shiny with no noticeable flaws or evidence of any rust issues anywhere. All very nice chrome and stainless (much of which was re-chromed/restored at a large expense). The interior is also quite nice with re-upholstered seats. Headliner is original and still quite presentable. Trunk is all black carpet. The doors, hood, trunk all open and close with ease. Underneath the car looks good and solid as you would expect. Overall, the car presents itself well and is nice enough to win a trophy at most car shows you attend.


Vehicle Classic Cars
Price $19,000.00
Kilometers 57,000 mi
Color Red
Registration Yes
Transmission Automatic


Year 1954
Make Lincoln
Model Capri
Vehicle Classic Cars
Transmission Type Automatic
Fuel Type Gasoline